Penny Power: “Know me, like me, follow me”

Last week I have interviewed Penny Power and her husband Thomas Power. I couldn’t wait for sharing this book Penny has recently published (link with the blog related to the book): “Know me, like me, follow me“.

When I first met Penny in November 2007 during an Ecademy celebration she was suffering and really not feeling her best. She was present and smiling though. As I saw her I thought: what a wonderful human being. When Penny is in a room you can feel her positive presence. She doesn’t even need to do anything.
When she talk to you, you feel that she is really with you and that she wants to help you.

When you read her book, you have the same feeling. It’s like having a friend with you.

Soon I will post the interview and you will understand why these two persons are extraordinary.

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