Marc Yeats: Colours of music part 3

New episode of Marc Yeat’s interview, where he talks about his music and the process he goes through composing. Particularly interesting the comparison between genetics and creating music.

I would like to remind you to vote for Marc and his project SATSYMPH for the New Music Award 2010. There isn’t much time left for voting and very soon the results will be announced. Link to the episode where Marc talks about SATSYMPH

You can vote here: New Music Award 2010.

Following this link you can find the original video presenting SATSYMPH.

You can also support them visiting SATSYMPH’s page on Facebook.

One comment

  1. Really appreciate this series of interview’s Max – they really do help those not familiar, and even those familiar with my works, to gain a greater insight into how I make music and paintings.

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