Extraordinary people in ordinary clothes: Penny and Thomas Power – part 1

I had the great pleasure interviewing Penny and Thomas Power. We were in a hotel with no natural light and around the hotel’s employees going from room to room.

Interviewing them is a wonderful journey. I was there with some questions, some ideas and in the end I just let them talk, interact, looking at each other, speaking and listening to each other. I had in front of me the confirmation of what I already knew: these two persons are totally into each other. Husband and wife, business partners, parents, family… They share their lives. And they share a big passion: people.

They are the example to follow concerning Networking. I have seen so many “networkers” making enormous mistakes when meeting someone new. Shaking someone else’s hand and trying straight away to sell something.
Penny and Thomas know what they are talking about. They have scarified everything during years in order to reach their goal: make Ecademy.com a reference.

There is a lot they can teach and they love to share their knowledges.

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