Extraordinary people in ordinary clothes: Penny and Thomas Power – part 3

Penny and Thomas Talk about each other.
They love people and to interact with them. They have a wonderful way to communicate their love for each other, for their family, for their work and for people.

During the interview I was there listening to them and admiring the the way they were sharing their views and I understood why they could bring Ecademy.com to the success… but we will discuss this point very soon during the interview.

If you are interested on Networking I would like to invite you to read Penny’s last book: “Know me, like me, follow me“. Lot of people think they know everything about Networking and when you meet them… well they just don’t get it, making mistake after mistake.
I have just one question: do you expect/want to sell/find client through networking? If your answer is yes, buy this book (and any other book about Networking) and learn, or you’ll go through a lot of disappointments.

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