EPOC: Andy Lopata


Here is the interview I have done with Andy Lopata, business networking strategist, writer, speaker, trainer. We’ve talk together a couple of years ago and since then Andy has been very busy, publishing books, traveling for conferences, talking on TV, writing, coaching and much, much more. For more recent information and updates about Andy, please visit him on his web side and several Social networks:
Website: www.lopata.co.uk
Twitter: @AndyLopata
Ecademy: Andy Lopata
Facebook: Andy Lopata Connecting is not enough

You may also help Andy for his charity work. Click here for details. Thank you.

Interview’s part 1

Interview’s part 2

Interview’s part 3

Interview’s part 4

Interview’s part 5

Interview’s part 6

Interview’s part 7

Interview’s part 8

Interview’s part 9

Interview’s part 10

Interview’s part 11

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