EPOC: Marc Yeats Exhibition

I am happy to talk about Marc Yeats’ new exhibition, 14th June – 21st July 2013 at Marburae Art Gallery Cheshire.
I have asked to Marc to introduce his new exhibition:

“The exhibition comprises over 25 works including the new ‘the shape distance’ series of 8 paintings.” – For more information you can click here and here. –

There will be a premiere of two of Marc’s compositions [tacit geometry and lullaby] at a piano recital given by Tristan Lee, along with other works at 11am, Sun 16 June. After the recital at 12.30 there will be an artist’s talk by Marc, about the evolution of his painting and composition from the late 70s to the present day.”

The program is amazing!

You can click on the various links for more information.
Here below we are reproducing the invitation and 5 of “the shape distance” paintings.

FOUR - Flyer front for Barnaby festival

FOUR - Flyer - back

'the shape distance' [map 2] - 24x24 inches
‘the shape distance’ [map 2] – 24×24 inches

'the shape distance' [map 4] - 30x23 inches
‘the shape distance’ [map 4] – 30×23 inches
'the shape distance' [map 7] - 24 x 18 inches
‘the shape distance’ [map 7] – 24 x 18 inches
'the shape distance' [map 5] - 24x18 inches
‘the shape distance’ [map 5] – 24×18 inches
'the shape distance' [map 8] - 24 x 18 inches
‘the shape distance’ [map 8] – 24 x 18 inches

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