EPOC: Yvonne Zbinden G

One of my all time favorite Swiss painter has a new exhibition in her gallery. Yvonne Zbinden-G is one of the most talented Artists contemporary Switzerland has to offer. I have asked to Mr Helmut Stampfli, the exhibition’s commissioner, to talk about it:

“A unique alchemy is proposed to us at Espace Bougnol Grandvaux between visual artist Yvonne Zbinden G and sculptor Jean-Louis Perrot. A confrontation between two seemingly different artists but which reveals the common entry point: to be sincere with themselves and in sync with their time.

How not to be sensitive to the subtle touch of this wonderful painter who expresses herself essentially through the element “water” to captivate our soul. Her expression is just as reassuring as carrier of hope of an inexhaustible creativity.
Whereas Jean-Louis Perrot’s assemblies are realized in a concern of the detail in an eye-catching manner. Rusty irons, burned wood, tool parts, items of lost property, manipulated, reworked put in a new dimension.

The exhibition can be seen from 5th – 23 June at Espace Bougnol Grandvaux.”

Here below the exhibition’s poster and 3 of the several paintings Yvonne Zbinben G is presenting during her exhibition.


Zbinden 3

Zbinden 4

Zbinden 2

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