EPOC: Victoria Falls Bungee Jump

When I was 19 year ald a friend of mine went with his sister to do a bungee jump in France. They came back and described it as a very scaring experience, especially the last few second before jumping. Are you actually going to do it or not? I had this feeling I wanted to do it, but couldn’t tell if I’d have the courage to jump.

Many years later, when it was decided that I’d join Kevin Richberg in Africa for the 30 Postcards Project, I made some researches about the places we were supposed to visit. While taking information about the Victoria Falls, I found out about the bungee jump. I just thought: “that would be awesome!”.

Later when I arrived in Africa, we had to organize our activities for the time we were spending in Livingstone at the Victoria Falls. I thought that that was my opportunity to finally do it! and in such an extraordinary environment. But still I couldn’t say if I’d jump or I’d be too scared.
It was finally decided the day we arrived in Livingstone, that one of us had to jump, as we wanted to show this activity as one of the highlight: the Victoria Falls bungee jump is the 3rd highest in the world with his 111 meters and certainly the most spectacular. You have to jump from the Victoria Falls bridge, between Zambia and Zimbabwe surrounded by the unbelievable falls’ landscape.
Without thinking twice I said I’d do it, it goes without saying that I had no idea what I was signing for.

The following day we went to the falls and crossed the bridge direction Zimbabwe, as we first wanted to visit the falls from that side. While crossing the bridge I just thought: “it’s not that terrible, I should make it”.
I was right. The experience is much more exciting than everything I could imagine.
I am planing next bungee jump as soon as possible!

And no: I wasn’t absolutely not scared. I jumped without any second thought. That is the secret: don’t think, just jump and enjoy yourself!


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