EPOC: El Salvador – Diving at Parque Nacional El Imposible

Of all the days I have spent traveling with Kevin Richberg for the 30 Postcards Project, this one have a very special place in my heart. I had such a pleasure and unforgettable experiences during the whole day, it’s difficult to explain the reasons for me loving this particular adventure more then others, I guess it was the right day, the right place and the right company.
We had to go to a town called Tacuba in the South-West of the country, near the so called Parque Impossible. A name with a full program associated.

Why “The Impossible Park”! What possibly can there be in such a place for calling it impossible! For me the only answer is “Impossible to forget”.
We first had to hike for a while and join the river in which we were supposed to dive. All along the river we stopped in 7 places for diving from different heights.
In the gif picture here below you can see Kevin diving from 11 meters, the highest one we had to do and the one we repeated at least 3 times each.


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