EPOC: Etosha night safari

When visiting a park with animals, you never know if you’ll see them and which ones you’ll actually see.
During a night safari it’s even more difficult and that’s not just because of the obscurity, but conditions are different and changing. One night you may see lions the following they will be no where to be found.
During our journey in Namibia for the 30 Postcards Project with Kevin Richberg, we have spent one day and night visiting Etosha National Park. We decided to take the night safari, knowing that as we couldn’t stay any longer, we had to make the best out of our time there.

The unexpected happened: not one, not two or five but at least 10 to 15 black rhinos! That was unexpected not just because rhinos doesn’t like each other and can go so far as kill other rhinos, but also because these animals are very rare these days.


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