EPOC: Photographs from Jerusalem

Photographs are a moment in time, a memory that remains in the light and reminds us of things that have been are and will be.
I have many photographs in my head, memories that I keep with me. They mean more then words can say, they mean the past the present and the future, so strong they are.

It is said that when we were born we have lost our memories, but we keep them with us all our lives, just there inside of us waiting for us to remember.
Sometimes it’s just a name, sometimes a word, some other times it’s a sound or a smell or a face or a dream. Or a place.
We meet people again and again and we go in places again and again. Different times, different EPOC(s). Only photographs remain for testifying of those events.

Every stone in Israel keep so many photographs that it was the logical place for me to enter into the 30 Postcards Project and visit the country with Kevin Richberg.





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