EPOC: Jerusalem – Yom Kippur 2012

Arriving in Jerusalem for my first encounter with Kevin Richberg entering into the adventure of the 30 Postcards Project for the first time, I had no idea in what I was engaging myself into.
So many people talk about Israel and have never been in the country, so many things have been said and written by those ignoring all about the subject they are writing about. I was glad to be able to verify by myself.


Also I have a friend in Israel, very, very dear to me, and to be able to visit her country was a privilege for me. She helped me when I needed it, and those are the things one never forget.

Time for me to keep my promise and start to share more about the adventure Israel has been, the discoveries I have made and how Israel has changed my life. This is only the beginning.

Israel isn’t where humanity was born, but remains one of the places that are the most important in human history. Every stone in this country could tell so many stories, every step one takes is through our history.
3 major religions consider Jerusalem as (one of) their holy town, religions were born in this country. And today Israel is still in the middle of events that have started more then many thousands of years ago.
What is so special about Israel?

People. For me, for this blog it’s all that matters.

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