EPOC: The Guy that Travels with his Camera

It’s time to talk about people, don’t you think? With whom can I start? The choice is obvious.
The guy that travels with his camera(s). I met him in Israel end of September 2012 and have followed him in several countries (El Salvador, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia) for his project, the 30 Postcards Project. He defines himself as a traveller, an explorer. He chose it, he wanted it, he loves his job. Probably he has one of the most interesting jobs in the world.

Most of the time when you see him, he has his suitcases in his hands or one of his cameras (or several cameras). Dedicated to his work, one day with him means the discovery of what in a “normal” journey would take one week.
Traveling is his passion, passion is his life, he lives his passion.

By following him you will see the world from his perspective, discover places you have never been, receive suggestions for your next journey or vacation, dream of new horizons.

Visit his website: Kevin Richberg, follow @kevinrichberg watch his videos on Kevin’s YouTube.

DSC05605 copie

DSC05472 copie







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