EPOC: Kevin Richberg – Interview about Jauntaroo.com’s Best Job Around the World

How many times I have said in the last weeks and months, that I have been traveling with Kevin Richberg for the 30 Postcards Project? There! One more time!

Today I’ll talk about Kevin one more time, and not the last, but for another reason.
Jauntaroo.com is offering a new job: Chief World Explorer. In order to decide to whom this position will be assigned, they have organized the contest “Best Job Around the World“. Guess who is trying to get the Job? No not me. If I wanted the job there wouldn’t exist any competition 😉 – obviously I am not serious –
Yes, Kevin has decided to enter into this new adventure, here is his application video:

I asked a couple of questions to Kevin in order to have some first hand information from him and to know how to support this young dynamic man to reach his goal.

Q – Tell us more about this “best job around the world” and what does it represent for you.

Kevin: Jauntaroo.com is offering an open call for application to travel the world for 1 year showcasing the travel opportunities they have to offer. The Chief World Explorer (the title they’ve given the job), will represent Janutaroo around the world, filming, documenting, volunteering, and writing about their travels — encouraging individuals to make world travel a priority.

Q – What can this job bring along for you?

Kevin: Chief World Explorer fits seamlessly with my own mandate for the project I’ve been working on for the last 3 years (The 30 Postcards Project). My mandate is to INSPIRE, EDUCATE, and ENTERTAIN — and by doing so to get more people traveling. The more we travel, the closer we come to each other and the earth, and the more likely we are to defend them. This job would allow me to continue inspiring people to travel!

Q – You have been already in 110 countries (I have lost track, is it the right number?) Do you have any destination you’d like to go to during this year?

Kevin: Personally, I’ll be filming in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda in October and November — but If I could drop everything and GO to anywhere to explore I think I’d choose Ethiopia and Antarctica for myself. Two drastically different places which both appeal to me in different ways.

Q – How can we all support you? How many times can we vote?

Kevin: Supporting my application (or anyone application that you find qualified) is very simple. Follow this link: http://www.bestjobaroundtheworld.com/submissions/view/12096 on any computing device you have (iPad, smartphone, computer, nook, anything) and you can vote once every 24 hours on any device. So technically you can vote on each of your devices once every day. Every vote helps show your support, and I definitely appreciate it!

Thank you Kevin Richberg for taking the time for answering my questions.
Now we know what we have to do for supporting you.

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