EPOC: Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo (Asociación Madres de Plaza de Mayo)

Today I want to give a big shutout to these women who have had the strength to resist and fight for justice.
During the military dictatorship in Argentina, between 1976-1983, pregnant women or children in very early age, were kidnapped by the military. The new born children as well as the little ones were given to new non biological parents, whilst their biological ones were killed.
The Grand-Mothers decided to create the Asociación Madres de Plaza de Mayo in order to first resist and then fight and find their little children. A fight that has requested lot of time and patience.

I am very touched by these women (and men)’s courage. Without them evil military would have probably got away after perpetuating these crimes against humanity.

History will remember these women: when we fight for justice and we stick together we can realize the impossible.

Lot of love to these wonderful human being. To these women and their courage, to these young women and men, to whom part of their lives have been stolen.
But it’s not over yet, as some children are still missing to their families.

You can also read and watch this on BBC News.

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