EPOC: Italian Pasta and business

A very well known Italian pasta brand’s CEO has stated that they stand for traditional families (link to the huffingtonpost.com article). Fair enough.
They have also stated that they are against same sex couples’ adoption of children, because those children couldn’t take the decision whether or not they wanted to be in such a family.

It is everyone’s right to have their opinions and share them when they are asked. What we’d like to have is just people supporting their opinions with clever arguments.

If a brand’s CEO says that their company wants to reach traditional families there is a huge business problem: not traditional families are growing in number every day, whether we take under account families with just one parent or parents with children that marry for a second time or same sex parents. Which means that from a business point of view, acknowledging non traditional families in one company’s advertisements is good for selling their products.

Opposing same sex couples’ adoption of children by saying: “I respect same-sex marriage because that concerns people who want to contract marriage, but I absolutely don’t respect adoptions in gay families, because that concerns a person who is not the people who decide,” (quote from the huffingtonpost.com article) is stupid.
Debating about adoption by same sex parents is not a question of who decides what. Children are not those who decide, that’s the base of (good -?-) parenting. parents make all sort of decisions for their children, like their religion or the clothes they have to wear: so why shouldn’t same sex couples decide to adopt?
You can oppose adoption by same sex couples with many arguments that you can make your own, but be just clever enough not to use an argument that goes against all precept of parenting. Let me put it in a more clear way: if parents are allowed to make all sort of decision for their children and that is accepted by everyone, you can’t oppose anything concerning children by saying that it’s not the child’s decision. For example how can you say that decide a child’s religion (and teach it to them) when the child can’t understand anything about religion is good, whilst stating that for adopting a child you need their decision? But then another question arises: if it’s the child who should decide, why do we have Adoption District Offices taking decisions about adoptions?
And shouldn’t the children decide about everything?
Yes, let’s let the children decide what clothes their parents should wear at work.

Let me give you some advices about Italian pasta. If you are a member of a non traditional family you can eat pasta from other brands, like De Cecco, Felicetti, Giovanni Rana, Verrigni, Pastificio dei Campi. Also as an Italian I have to tell you, Barilla is not good.
I don’t know these people opinion on this topic. Let’s hope they are more open to diversity and support all type of families that spend their money for buying their products and by doing that support their business.

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