EPOC: Namibian desert – Thoughts

The desert is a particularly difficult environment for life. The general conditions are very challenging and surviving (without our modern technology) is really not easy.

Personally though, I have enjoyed the Namibian desert. The heat, the sun, the environment, the air, the landscape, the colours, the savage life, the animals… everything. I always thought I’d dislike the heat, but surprisingly enough I loved being in a place with such temperatures.
I know it’s easier to enjoy it, when you know that in your room you have the air conditioning waiting for you. But still.

Walking on the desert’s sand, facing the difficulty it represent, understanding the necessity of always have water with you, feeling the desert power.

Feeling the freedom.

I have been visiting the Namibian Desert for the 30 Postcards Project with Kevin Richberg.

DSC04858 copie

DSC04942 copie

DSC04864 copie

DSC04785 copie

DSC04801 copie

DSC04841 copie

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