EPOC: Brian McCafferty – Ivesiana

The passion, the soul, the movement, the moment. Dancing, being on that stage, shining, being alive. Expressing your feelings through the dance, through your body.

Being one with the stage, with the dance, with those dancing with you, with the public. Living the moment, breathing the freedom that the dance gives you. Sharing.

Sharing all you feel, all you live, all you are in that precise moment with those around you on the stage, in the theatre. The public, your public.

A. Ivesiana (gold frame)

Being up there, exposing yourself, your soul, your feelings, your dancing, your movement, that moment.

You know that that is why you do it, why you train all those hour, all those days.

To be on that stage, for dancing, for sharing, for exposing yourself with your vulnerability and your strength, for the public. For their applause.

Wonderful painting by Brian McCafferty. Back in Zambia when we met earlier this year, he showed me his website and I instantly knew I wanted this painting.


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