EPOC: Tom Goss “Wait”

Tom Goss is one of my favorite singer and song writer. I first heard talking about Tom while listening to a Podcast: The Feast of Fun (my favorite podcast).

Curious for discovering more about this talented artist, I hit the iTune Store and bought all I could find. That’s when I discovered the song “Lover”: I was done and totally taken into Tom’s musical world and when he released the music video for this same song I was completely done (and in tears – so, so, so, so thousands times emotional).
But it would be a huge mistake to reduce Tom into only one song.

“Naked Without”, “Turn it Around”, “Back to Love”, “Lost Songs and Underdogs”,… each one of his albums contains jewels and has allowed Tom to grow as an artist and to reach new heights and horizons in quality, vocal performances, song writing and music.

“Wait”, Tom’s latest music album, confirms this evolution and is a new shining jewel that he delivers and shares with the world.
From “It Only Takes One” to “Take a Chance” to “I Think I” to “Illuminate the Dark”… 13 original new songs that bring you through a delightful journey with Tom.

Tom takes you in wonderfully emotional places, where he softly rocks you with his songs.
Nothing is wrong in this album. The music marries Tom’s voice perfectly and Tom’s interpretation marries to perfection each song: the album is a delight to be listen to.

Thank you to Tom Goss for this exquisite album.

Click here to access to Tom’s website.
Here you can find Tom’s next scheduled concerts’ dates.
Tom’s Twitter @tomgossmusic.
Click hire for Tom’s Facebook fan page.

Starting with “Lover” here are some of Tom’s music videos, for you to enjoy as well.

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