EPOC – Paul Luftenegger: The Interview – Love Expanding Love

My Interview with the wonderful Paul Luftenegger.

Paul’s new album Love Expanding Love will be released on November 11, 2014

PaulL_FacebookCover copy

Video of Masters of the Keys, from Love Expanding Love

Video highlighting Paul’s songs from Love Expanding Love

To Paul and Cori with all my LOVE:

Love comes from the loving hearts and doesn’t know,
It doesn’t know compromise.
Love is, Love doesn’t pretend.
Love is Love, now and before and forever,
We were Love and Love showed us the road to make Love bigger,
We knew Love and Love taught us to recognize our hearts.

A loving star is shining in the sky, and singing the language of Love,
And the hearts listening Love are receiving the light of Love,
Keeping each other’s hands, listening to the voice from the Heavens.
And by following the voice of Love,
Peace will come and a new light will shine in the hearts:
The light of the loving star shining in the sky.

Love is Love and knows Love.
With Love.

Thank you for the wonderful gift. May the path to Love become bigger and bigger thank to your wonderful work.

Photographs by Cori Brown


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