Moni Mekhala and Ream Eyso – Traditional Cambodian Dance

The giant Ream Eyso who was full of anger and greed, went to meet Moni Mekhala on the way to her Kingdom in an attempt to seize the sparking ball from her. When Moni Mekhala saw the giant Ream Eyso, she was aware that this giant really had no good will for her, and then she threw up the ball. While seeing the glittering of the ball, the giant Ream Eyso closed his eyes and flung his magic axe at Moni Mekhala creating its sound as the thunder. But it missed the Moni Mekhala.
While Moni Mekhala escaped from the magic axe and tossed the magic ball into the air creating the lightning that blinded the eyes of the Giant Ream Eyso. The giant Ream Eyso could not bear any more and fell down in front of her powerful magic ball with shamefulness at the end of that battle. Since then whenever there is rain, the glittering is seen and the sound is heard loudly. That is why in Khmer language, any stone has the shape like axe or spade or knife, they are called “Kaim Rontes” (stone axe) and it is supposed that they are the arrows which the giant has thrown down the earth..

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