Simply Seth

So this happened today. I’ve talked with Seth, the same Seth Jane Robets has channeled in the ’60s, the same Seth that Jane or Ruburt, as Seth calls her, has written books about and with.

I consider Ruburt (Jane)’s work and books with Seth as the most important in modern times. Her books are central in the explanation of our dimension and life. What is life, what happens to us from the moment of our death and the moment of reincarnation. What is the meaning of life. For whomever wanting to develop themselves and take the path of a spiritual enlightenment Seth is the way to go.

If you are not familiar with this work, Ruburt/Jane Roberts is a writer, poet and a psychic/medium/channel. She started to channel a collectif that names itself Seth in the ’60s. Seth has delivered through Ruburt (Jane) many sessions of wisdom and truth about many subjects, we know this work as the Seth Material. His importance for us as humans is invaluable, and it shouldn’t be values but simply known, especially his book Seth Speaks.

Today Roxanne made it possible to me to talk with Seth. Meeting Seth, feeling his presence with Roxanne is amazing. Seth represent the ultimate channeling experience, the one that has enlightened the path. Thank you Roxanne. I love you.

Here is a video of Roxanne Channeling Seth: is Roxanne’s Website and her Youtube channel is Odyssey of Ascension.



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