Breakfast with Max – are we as evolved as in ancient civilisations? No

As I have been visiting Cambodia and the amazing temples like Angkor Wat or the Bayon, I am reflecting on how we perceive ourselves as the most evolved we’ve ever been, when clearly it’s not the case, as the pyramids very well attest it. Also I talk about how we, each one of us, have different realities, and interact with each other base on that difference and so often call each other names, though each of us is defending their own reality based on their own truth.
But change is the only constant in the universe: your truth here and now may be different from the moment before.
Oh Yes and finally: this video comes to you by the very kind offering of Youtube. That’s your reality. But Youtube is only an idea created in order to share. This video is created by you in your reality, in a co-creation with me as an offering of light that you’ve accepted.
Good luck figuring out how this works 😉

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