Love Expanding Love by Paul Luftenegger 5 years

I totally missed the 5 years anniversary!!!! By some day… But time is an illusion, so… OK here it is, though it’s still like this was today. I love this video and I love you Paul Luftenegger​. I love the time we spent together making this happen, I love your music, all of it, even though LOVE EXPANDING LOVE will forever be my special one, the one that has united us. This video is our co-creation, an offering of light, an offering of love. An offering of peace, love, light to celebrate life. And when I look at that day, that week-end and the path leading to this moment I am so thankful for the light we shared and are still sharing. So my beautiful Angel of Love, keep shining your light brighter and brighter, be your truth, be you. I love you.

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