November 18, 2019 HRH Princess Norodom Buppha Devi

Today not only the Khmer Nation, but the world, has lost one of the most amazing stars in the sky. Because though she was mainly known in Cambodia and in France, HRH was a bright star for the global consciousness, for all of us, as one.

She has dedicated her life to her art: she started dancing as she was 5 year old, at 20 she was the Prima Ballerina of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia. So much so that she is without question the reference in the last century and one of the best classical khmer dancers ever. Period.

Her movements, her expression, her eyes, her beauty: She has set the exemple, she is the one to imitate, the one to be compared with, the one and only.

Her sharing of her light was her dancing. This was without doubts not her first life spent as dancer for the Royal Ballet of Cambodia. Which brings me to say that probably one of the reasons she came in this life, was the protection of her art. After the dark years, when finally peace was restored in Cambodia, she was there to restore her art, to use her memory of the art and to make it what it is today. She was there to make the Royal Ballet of Cambodia recognized in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists in 2003.

We love her and we all will miss her. We have been honored to spend some dinners and lunches in her company. She always welcomed us with open harms.

I’ll always remember when we went to visit her in her house, and spent some time with her, though she was tired. She said to us, that next time we would go to Siem Reap, we would accompany her and she would guide us in places she knows. That time didn’t come yet, and we have to wait until next life in order to make that journey all together.

Today HRH Princess Buppha Devi has made the journey into her own light, she joined her whole self. But she is still alive in many ways and I know that she will be watching. We all are forever.

Until we meet again magnificent Goddess. Very soon. And be blessed for coming in this reality, incarnate and taking the task of shining your light so bright that even a genocide couldn’t destroy your art. Thank you.

She leaves behind a magnificent family that will remember and honor her memory, as well as an art, the Royal Ballet of Cambodia, that thank to her dedication has many talented young performers that will carry on with her legacy. Now it’s your time people. She came so that you can be. Shine your light.

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