Khmer Greatness: HRH Princess Norodom Buppha Devi

There are people that are incarnated to achieve greatness. It doesn’t mean that they will. It doesn’t mean that everyone else isn’t achieving greatness. Being incarnated is greatness in itself: incarnating is a choice only one tenth of us make. There is no reward, nothing attached to it. Still it is a choice of courage, as the environment is not welcoming: you forget what you are and have to remember, rediscover yourself, whilst you can leave incarnation at any moment -though always by choice, never by accident-.

We are here as equal, meaning no one is more important of anyone else. All of humanity is at the same level, all being all over the universe are at the same level. That doesn’t mean equality as a goal/achievement set on 3rd dimension by many is achievable in the sense to erase differences.

We are equal as gods incarnated, we are equal as the 4th law says: “The All is One and the One is All”, as I like to say it, giving the idea of the All presenting itself in the One incarnated and still the One incarnated goes back and belongs to the All. We are not equal as human beings, as we are all creating our reality for ourselves, and that reality reflects our believes and our needs of experiences: not being equal as human being is your creation in the moment. You claiming equality is lack, 3rd law: “what you put out is what you get”, meaning that as long as you claim equality, that you want equality, you are putting out the lack of equality, therefor inequality is what you will get.

The Princess is one of those human being that never claimed equality: She simply is herself. (Present used and needed. She is).

She came into incarnation as a potential of greatness. Potential meaning that as we decide to incarnate we already know all the potentials of what may happen. But in order to respect free will, every event exist as a potential, whether that potential is realized is decided in the moment.

And she did achieve her potential of greatness. After the dark years, she was there and joined forces with all the survivors to restore the memory, keep the memory and finally make shine the Royal Ballet of Cambodia. A cultural institution originating with the Khmer Culture, in time it means very old, older than officially stated. Much older.

She lead the way. She shined her light as an offering and as for all the great of this world, that light has attracted greatness. Meaning that she knew herself as great, as a leader, she knew the greatness she was working on, she knew she was achieving greatness. Not as a goal or a wish or desire or as an intention. Intention leads you to lack.

No, she has achieved greatness, because she (was) is it, because she has never understood herself as anything else.

She didn’t need to think about it. She only needed to do it. That’s how gods are: they act, they do. Gods do not think.

Cambodia is mourning the lost of a Princess that was able to achieve that greatness that allow light to shine brighter and attract light.

Finally she was able to achieve greatness because she operated from the heart. As we can see with nearly all those abusing power, and failing greatness, only by acting from the heart, can we achieve that kind of greatness. And to be clear, acting from the heart doesn’t mean being perfect or working according morals: those are only images created in 3rd dimension and are not real.

I am not crying her death, no one can die. I know she’s still out there, in all of her moments, as time doesn’t exist, right now, in her nows she is still experiencing her life. And also I know that as an immortal god, she is now adjusting to her new situation of being not incarnated and still being.

I am mourning, as all the nation is. I am mourning as mourning is for the living, a process to adapt to the loss of a beloved one.

I know her light is still there, shining brighter than ever. I know she’s watching lovingly over all those in need of her comforting. I know she’s watching over her children and family. I know that if anyone wants to feel her presence they can. Because her light is shining in its offering in eternity.


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