Breakfast with Max with Roxanne Swainhart and with Frank and Sylvester on youtube

I am very exited to share this video. Roxanne Swainhart joins me as we discuss her discovery of her ability to channel and make it her passion (we say work, but when you do what you really love -unconditionally-, work is not expressing it plainly as it conveys obligation). We are joined in by Frank who seats in the Gestalt of Seth (meaning it’s part of the collective of Seth) and Sylvester or a Sylvester that has evolved (another vibration of Sylvester) talking about being the true self and the conditioning we are experiencing of hating ourselves, and creation and how it works and much, much, much more. This is really great material with lot of wisdom for us. And let me add this: there are several moments where Sylvester blinks at me/us (we are always all) with what he says: at one moment he says to look in the mirror to see god and I was thinking that same expression earlier that day as I was preparing for the interview. Second one: Sylvester talks about the falls of empires and how the empire Unites States has taken that direction, this is something I have been aware of for sometimes now, though we could talk about change, because change is the only constant in the universe. Also power is given not possessed, and as soon as you have power, power deserts you and leaves. Third and last one I’ll talk about: the idea of stopping eating animal products to save them and the question about vegetables: “do you think vegetables are not alive and do not suffer when you eat them?”, this is something I was also exploring that same day preparing for the interview. Enjoy the video and you can subscribe to the channel to have notifications. To find Roxanne and connect with her directly:

Her website Odyssey of Ascension:

Her youtube channel also Odyssey of Ascension:

And again I invite you to watch her videos.

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