Breakfast with Max: taking patriarchy down by women discovering their own value

Self realization.

It is assumed that there is a war between male and female genders. Women being discriminated against, men taking all the powers for themselves. This patriarchy has to go.

However the idea that a war has to be fought in order to achieve equality, doesn’t make sense. Fighting a wrong with another wrong, doesn’t make the first wrong right.

So why are women discriminated against? Women have lost the value of themselves. They believe men are superior. They have learned that a man is stronger and so much more able to take decisions, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.

It’s a believe system that is used to take away the awareness of any value from women in general.

The moment women realize their own value, that they are equal to men, that ALL beings in the entire universe are precious and of same value, that the universe doesn’t give a whatever about human imposed believe systems and that equality has never gone away, change will come.

This is already true: a woman knowing herself to be equal to men, a woman knowing her value, will never be discriminated against: N E V E R. It’s impossible.

We all have a believe system that makes us doubt of our value, men and women. On top of that, women believe also that men are more valuable.

In other words, women discrimination doesn’t originate in women actually being inferior, but in them believing they are. As soon as women realize they are not, everything will change.

And change is already underway and happening at the same time. A reality where women and men are equal.

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