The Ascension Roundtable: Ascension Symptoms – Live Q&A Premier

I’ll be joining these wonderful beings! So excited! with Kimberley Leite, Roxanne Swainhart, Nikki Fouere, Isabelle Zimmerman and Daniel Rodriguez

Sun, 7th of Mar, 02:00 PM ~ Los Angeles

Sun, 7th of Mar, 05:00 PM ~ New York

Sun, 7th of Mar, 06:00 PM ~ Atlantic Canada

Sun, 7th of Mar, 07:00 PM ~ São Paulo

Sun, 7th of Mar, 11:00 PM ~ Central Europe

Mon, 8th of Mar, 05:00 PM Phnom Penh

Mon, 8th of Mar, 07:00 AM ~ Tokyo

Mon, 8th of Mar, 09:00 AM ~ Sydney

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