Kind words of an unkind matter

My propensity to kindness being more the expression of restraint to express disappointment rather than actual kindness from the heart, it requires now from me to bestow just feelings where the expression of polite silence has given the illusion of support or the acquaintance of having such same feelings to share.

There is nothing better expressed than a fully free and true heart, not for opposing the contradicting opinion, but for asserting the position of the personal eye, to elevate the own personal opinion of the self.

No intention of offense or no expectation of change of hearts is here expressed, as the caring heart does not beg the crave for any validation.

The offended is left therefor in its offense as a reflection of themselves and will be ignored, as discussion over their offensive perception would not bring any clarity of opinion, but more an entrenchment of positions. There is no understanding to be given in any such person that after four years of disastrous behaviour, with such calamities as children separation from their caring parents, the continuous presentation of falsehoods to the eyes of anyone paying any attention, the demonstration of such low opinion of professed believes as the Christians ones are, though pointedly repeated close to the heart of the offender and anyone following such offender, such as to be of the lowest of the lowest professed opinion ever professed by any human, the professed dislike of any other religion, though their own does not receive caring actions, as such that believers of such other religions should have the human decency to disavow such offender, especially when such offender give such good opinions of people expressing hate to such religion like the Jewish one.

To express it clearly and plainly and with the utmost clarity in human history: shameful be the one creating an alternate reality of good opinion of such low and lower and lowest expression as the Trump one is. You have such good opinion of yourselves that your delusion is only speaking of more delusion of your delusion in regard of the self esteem you seem to be so eager to present to the world.

My love to you will never be lessened by any of these words. My good opinion though is disappointed. But do not pay attention to it, it is only belonging to me and not affecting you in any manner.

What can be said of receiving the disapprobation of one of these delusional people assessing that my expression of a contradicting opinion by myself compared to their own, must necessarily come from my own disinformation. Professing of such opinion from someone having never met myself and never had any chance to exchange closely with my person. The kindest way to respond could have been the crude way of talking of using the F expression. Is it however of a necessity of responding? The necessity of wondering such reaction is answer enough that the inquiring mind needs to assess their own domain of strength and power in their own expression, by rendering not a debate but a F word response the most appropriate.

And finally a final thought for those taking any offense: your or my good opinion of the other one, is of no importance: you will resume your delusion and I will resume being AMAZING to myself. And the world will only ignore anything of this and keep going, as nothing of such is of a matter of stopping creation from creating, such as it always professes the intention to and always does.

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