Extraordinary People in Ordinary Clothes: Next to come

We will continue to follow Lindsay Hart in her journey in India.
She talks about her arrival in India, her first steps in her new country, the Indian culture, women’s position in Indian society, BHUMI, the organization she is volunteering for. Listening to Lindsay you can learn a lot about India.

We will keep going supporting Marc Yeats and his project SATSYMPH for the New Music Award 2010. In the episodes to come Marc talks about his music and his paintings, his creative process. Here you can read an article about Marc.

Upcoming interviews:

Penny and Thomas Power agreed to be interviewed and we have organized a meeting in London. They are known for being two of the most important characters in Networking as founders of Ecademy.com. They are active online and have written several books. Happily married since 20 years (congratulations!) they have 3 children. What impressed me when I first met them is their kindness and the way they are open to others. You can find Penny and Thomas Ecademy’s profiles following the link (click on their name).

I have also organized an interview with Ian Talbot, successful photographer, passionate of his art. We’ll talk about his career, his life with his wonderful wife Desirée, his projects and much more. Here is an extract taken from Ian’s website :

“My images are primarily about form, light and tone but what fascinates me most is how the world, and the things in it, can look as a photograph.”

You can also see his retrospective on his blog or on this article.

I am of course working on other interviews with other extraordinary people.

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