Andy Lopata: Networking Comes First – part 2

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Andy Lopata is a business networking strategist, writer, speaker, trainer, and much more. He knows quite everything there is to know about networking.
Networking is not an easy story and Andy’s support is priceless in order to have the best approach and avoid some of the numerous mistakes that can be made.
How can you connect with him? Through his books, conferences, one to one meetings… and of course his webside:, where you can find much more details.

Do not miss Andy’s new book: Recommended: How to Sell Through Networking and Referrals (Financial Times Series)

Also follow him on:
Twitter: @AndyLopata
Ecademy: Andy Lopata
Facebook: Andy Lopata Connecting is not enough

Andy, thank you for your time and the inspirational answers.

Special thanks to One Alfred Place, magnificent place where this interview has taken place.

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