Martin Berusch, gay dad alienated from his children

Interview’s part 1

A fairy tale: a man and a woman have children and live happily ever after. The kind of tales that exists only in books or one’s fantasies. For reality is much more complicated. One can blame whatever one wants for having institutionalized schemes that are too restrictive, forgetting to take under account the diversity of the human kind, for everyone’s needs are different from one another. Instead it has been decided to standardize people.
In such a world conflicts are to be counted upon, especially between a couple with children. Marriages nowadays often end in divorces that can not solve all the open questions. The ex couple fight about everything and one or the other remain unsatisfied. What an easy solution to get back to the other one, using the most powerful weapon they have: children.

Interview’s part 2

I have met Martin in New York and had the pleasure discovering a wonderful person, a gentleman. With a halo of sadness in his eyes and a heavy stone in his heart.
Martin is a father of two wonderful children. Unfortunately since months he is not allowed to have a relationship with them. For a loving father this is the most painful situation. Martin’s father’s heart is at the moment just broken.

Interview’s part 3

Martin is a father. A gay father. It has been decided by some people, that this kind of human being shouldn’t exist, for a gay is to be condemned for his life style, he can’t be a father. At this point society has been indoctrinated. At this point people have allowed themselves to be brainwashed. Even worse, at this point people have decided to be heartless. For Martin before being a gay man is a human being.
How can a society call herself evolved and modern if she is not able to value every human being who is part of her, choosing hate over love.

Interview’s part 4

For Martin’s fight for his children is about love. The right of a father to love his children, protect and support them through every stage of their lives.

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