Martin Berusch, gay dad alienated from his children, part 2


Interview’s part 5

Being a parent is a very difficult job, where perfection doesn’t exist. Every parent at some point will make some mistakes.

What mistake has committed Martin for finding himself in such a delicate position with his children? He is gay. Daddy loves a man. Let’s focalize on what is important about Martin though. Martin loves his children. Martin loves Mike, his life partner. Martin LOVES.

For Martin is fighting not against the ones who are trying to have revenge, but FOR his children’s love.

Interview’s part 6

I wish love will prevail and support this man, for he deserves to be happy surrounded by his children.

Unfortunately there are too many situations where children are alienated from one of their parents, giving pain to everyone. I have focused myself on Martin, but I’d like now to talk about his children, because I think I know a little about what they are going through, having myself experienced the alienation from my father. They certainly think their opinion about their father being right and justified, but in their hearts they are crying because they are suffering as much as Martin does. Their love for their father is not gone, they are fighting for not listening to their hearts. Because whatever they think they think, it is not their own opinion, but what they have been told to believe.

Poisoning children’s thoughts is not difficult. But it’s not a permanent poison, it can be removed and children can even find the antidote themselves. Realizing that they have been manipulated will cause them a terrible pain and a even much bigger anger against their manipulative parent , because children do not love to be used that way.

I have experienced such a situation myself, but I still remain surprised: some people believe that they can play with their children in such a way and not pay one day the consequences for their behavior.

My question is: is it worth to lose your children’s love for being able to revenge against their other parent? Is it worth to cause all that pain to your own children?

Interview’s part 7

Martin my dear friend, thank you for sharing your story in such a dignified manner. all my, our wishes accompany you during these sad experience. May it be as short as possible. May your children’s smile illuminate your heart very soon.

Martin Berusch’s Facebook profile

Interview’s part 8

Some parents love their children under condition. Is it real love? No, it isn’t. Love is unconditional. Parents that ask to their children to leave because they are LGBT are between the worse human beings in this world. Unfortunately too many young LGBT find themselves in the streets alone with nowhere to go, no money, nothing to eat. You can easily imagine what they have to do for surviving, at their live’s risk. The Ali Forney Center in New York helps these young human beings providing them a new home, supporting their present for a better future. You can support The Ali Forney Center: please buy Mike Ruiz’s T-shirts here, a portion of proceeds goes to The Ali Forney Center.

You can also visite Mike Ruiz’s webpage.

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