Mariana Costa Weldon: “Mental Pictures Translated” – Photographs Exhibition

My dearest friend Mariana Costa Weldon plans her first photography exhibition with the gallerie “L’angolo dell’arte di Brunetta” during the month of July 2012 in Pula, Near (round 30 km away from) Cagliari, Sardinia.

Mariana has lived and travelled in various countries around the world. Though she had different reasons for travelling, she has always her camera with her, as photography is one of her biggest passions in live.
She recognizes that she is not a professional photographer. This point cleared, when looking at her photographs we can discover the woman behind them. Her heart, her feelings, her passions, her friends.
When visiting an exhibition one of the main points we have to explore is if the work exhibited can awaken our feelings. Mariana’s work satisfies this requirement: every photograph is an invitation to join her in her world and transform it in our own one. Take her hand and follow her where ever she decides to go with you.

I have asked her 3 questions and here are her answers:

Can you tell something about your exhibition?

The idea of the show Mental Images Translated happened spontaneously. Erica Olmetto, an Italian art historian and art critic [from Oristano], as well as an expert in museum art/organization, observing the images that had materialized through the lens of my camera, thought it interesting to exhibit some of the captures in and around Cagliari, around Sardinia, Italy and the world at large. She is the curator and Deus-ex-machina of the exhibition. It is more about impressions and the story behind the impressions than photographic technique, though a camera is the medium used for the outcome.

Where does come your love for of photography originate?

My memory is principally visual. My mind stores objects, faces, situations, details as well as impressions at the speed of light. Not to lose everything in the process of living, I’ve been recording some of these memories with a camera, since my mid-teens; before I used the pen.

It is my way to keep the past in the present and project the future, for myself and others. With the years, tangibly capturing fleeting moments has become a constant companion to my lifestyle. I carry some camera or other with me, almost all the time, but use it with discretion and decency, in respect of others.

You have been travelling and living in different places, to which one would you keep going back for taking new photographs?

I have lived in different continents and several countries in the West; in more than most of my friends have. I have traveled on business to more continents and seen many countries East and West, North and South. I have never been a tourist to any country in the world – I cannot be a tourist since I do discover things on the go without fore plan. Plans are useful to organize business and everyday chores, not the spontaneous enjoyment of the soul.

There is no place – at least not consciously – where I would go back to capture impressions or details; there is something to store and capture, every instant everywhere I am in the here and now. I enjoy life events as they happen, similar but always different: namely, like sunrise in the small, quaint village in Ticino where I live now. It is wonderment and discovery every time, and as unique.

For connecting with Mariana: @ilneigesurliege Rosa Rosarum in facebook.

Reproduced here below the invitation and the press release in English and Italian:

Mariana Costa's Invitation

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