Kevin Richberg: The 30 Postcards Project

Kevin Richberg is the young and dynamic person behind “The 30 Postcards Project”. He has a big passion: travelling.
This project is a way to express another aspect of his personality. Kevin is a communicator, someone who wants to share with others. He takes everyone by the hand and invites to discover fascinating places around the world, through his eyes and his heart, and gives the impression to be there with him.

Here below you can read an article from the Online Magazine – ‘the Urban Men, Worldwide‘ (A subsidiary of 3S1, Inc.) (, introducing Kevin and the 30 Postcards Project:

Kevin Richberg, a molecular marine biologist turned travel writer and videographer from the Big Apple, ah yes, New York, USA had an urge to do something different, something unique and something that can connect many stories into one for a lifetime and beyond. What better than combining, people, postcards and places all in one place and share every moment of it all with the entire world?

That is exactly what Kevin has set out to do with his 30 Postcards Project. Kevin wants people to get out there, and experience the world first hand. He believes (and rightly so) that travel and personally experiencing various places and cultures open the minds of people and helps make the world a better place by awareness, admiration and acceptance of differences that exist on our magnificent planet.

Kevin has launched his project with support from Kickstarter system that not only helps people donate to the project but actually yield rewards while doing so. And guess what the most enticing reward is? A WEEK WITH KEVIN! Yes, spend the entire week with Kevin on his travels, exploring one of the post cards stories first hand; by being at the place and being part of the 30 Postcards Project video series.

A perfect way for you to get time away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, experience a new place, new culture and be the part of making of the series itself – can’t get any better than that, can it?

So check out the video and more details by clicking the ’30 Postcards Project at KickStarter’ logo below and donate for this unique worldwide memorable video series project TODAY!

Kevin has my full support and I invite everyone to do the same and contribute and send some money. Let’s go around the world with Kevin!
Actually, to say everything to you, I am thrilled to announce that I will join Kevin during a week (maybe more). You are just a click away from doing the same.

Thank you for reading and until next time.

Special thanks to the team of ‘the Urban Men, Worldwide

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