Caty Mari: Ibiza’s Eyes and Soul

When I asked what there is that is so special about Ibiza, Caty answered “Ibiza’s earth”.
If I’d ask the same question to my friend Aurélie, she’d answer “Caty and Ibiza’s earth”.
If you’d ask me, my answer would be: the discos…

All right, I haven’t been in a disco in nearly 15 years…

Actually, I have to agree with Aurélie. If what have made through the centuries Ibiza’s reputation is her earth, today Caty can be considered linked to Ibiza’s soul. At least this is my perception.
I do not have the pretention, to have been able to learn all there is to know about Caty in just 4 days but I have understood this: she is a shaman.

A Shaman is someone who can see things others can’t and use the knowledge they have in order to improve people’s lives.
This definition is satisfactory as a beginning; it’s at the same time true but also far away from the truth. But this is the best I can give you and I think we can take it as a good start and enter into her world.

Caty has been using her abilities during the last 20 years in order to help people, heal them and push them to use their full potential as human beings.
If you want to have more information about her you can visit her website: If you want to contact her this is her e-mail address:


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