EPOC : with Kevin Richberg in Israel for the 30 Postcards Project – Secret of Youth

As soon we got back to Jerusalem we had to leave direction the Dead Sea. Normally you should be able to make it in 40 minutes going through the West Bank. But unfortunately for us, with a rented car it’s not possible, unless you pay lot of money in insurances, which we hadn’t. So we had to take the much longer drive all around the West Bank and remain into Israeli controlled territory.
Our destination was a villa hotel lodge with view on the Dead Sea. Really very nice on the paper. Unfortunately the reality was very different. No hotel nor villa to be found, but a private house with rooms to rent. In the morning we tried to have some of the promised view on the Dead Sea, we had none, though the sun was shining.

Anyway, our first destination for that day was the Ein Gedi National Park. What a surprise! A magnificent place, an oasis in the middle of the desert with waterfalls and fresh water. The best way for beginning our day in the desert.

Next stop the Dead Sea. Clothes off and you float in the salt water. For me a new experience.
But the must see of the day is Kevin covered in mud. I still don’t know if that’s a way to stay younger or recover a lost youth, but it surely isn’t bad.

This first video is related to the first part of our day, the one where we had to do with water in the desert. Our next stop was Masada, where a very painful, though important, chapter in the Jewish history has been written.


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