EPOC : with Kevin Richberg in Israel for the 30 Postcards Project – Masada

Our memories are full of stories of wars, fights, dead. Points in history that have determined our present situation. Masada is without any doubt one of those places.
Ideally situated in the desert, this fortress dominates the surroundings. Anyone keeping the place has a strategic advantage over any approaching enemy. Unfortunately though, if that enemy is the mighty army of the Roman Empire, chances are that that is not enough. Actually history teaches us that that is exactly what happened.

Nearly 2000 years have passed since those tragic events. Now though the access is much easier then it was back then: you still can climb the mountain, but a cable car makes your experience much more pleasant.
Once you get to the top, whichever way you decide to do it, the fortress ruins awaits for you. But if you expect to find just a couple of stones you couldn’t be more wrong. History has been written in Masada and the air you’ll breath is charged with the memory of those events.

But let’s not get too tragic. The Masada experience needs to be lived with the respect the place deserves, but you still can enjoy yourself: the sun, the view (the one over the Dead Sea is particularly beautiful), the historical ruins are also magnificent.

I have been visiting Israel with Kevin Richberg for the 30 Postcards Project.


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