EPOC – Kay Wilson

Sometimes you go through an entire day and feel it was just another same old day you will never remember.

Suddenly you encounter a beautiful soul, or something really special happens, and your day becomes one to remember and keep in a special place in your heart.

For me personally those days are mostly connected to people. Like the day I met my dear friend Bat-Zion Susskind-Sacks in 2008. The sun was shinning in London and we met in a tube station, I arrived with my luggages and this wonderful woman appears and hugs me. Just a few days later she came to Montreux and participated to an event I was organizing. (I have added the link to her new book “on a Wing from the Holy Land – Fragments of a Life”, of which I will soon talk about).

Last week as I was chatting with her about my soon to come trip to Israel, she introduced me to Kay Wilson, a terrorist attack survivor, as she told me.
Intrigued and at the same time afraid I wouldn’t be good enough in dealing with a person with such a heavy experience, I agreed to have a chat on Skype with Kay.

At first we talked about Israel. I didn’t want to question her abruptly about her tragedy, I thought it had to come from her, she had to be comfortable enough for sharing her story with me. But I was already in love with her.
Kay is a human being with a really terrible story. And still, despite her dreadful suffering she is alive and a loving person.

I will tell her story with her consent and help in due time. Today I want to share the love and beauty Kay has in her heart.

Our chat lasted… a lifetime or just one minute or an eternity or… I’d say that for me it was out of time as time didn’t matter.

Kay is a musician and artist; she shared with me the video of her performance of “Over the Rainbow”. Just watch, it’s really full of love and emotion.
I feel blessed.

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