Kep Cambodia: School “Jardin des langues Ayravady”

I believe in education as a very important factor for developing a country and his culture: I couldn’t but love Sokphal Ngo-Sisowath’s work with his school “Jardin des langues Ayravady”, which translates in English “Language School Ayravady”.

The school provides scholarship to young children from Kep and his region in Cambodia, a country where access to a public school remains difficult, especially for disadvantaged kids, whether because they come from poor families or because they are orphans.Thanks to the instruction these children receive, they will be able to find a job and have a revenue in the tourism branch or continue their studies and become teachers and go back in taking care of a younger generation in need of education.

We can say that education is the base of what allows us to fight poverty and to give these children the key for their future.


The school concentrates in the teaching of French and English, languages that are requested by the tourism branch, which is one of the most growing industries in the country. Sport, which is considered as a very important element in the child’s development, is another activity provided by the school, particularly tennis. I have seen how these children put their hearts in learning and practicing this sport, despite the fact that most of them do not have the money for buying any sports shoe.



These children could have abandoned any hope for a better future, overwhelmed by a destiny that hasn’t favoured them. Sokphal by creating this school has given them a perspective for improving their lives, but also for being part of Cambodia’s development.

Sokphal and his team, from the school directors, teachers and volunteers, each one of whom are essential to the school’s success, are fully invested in this project and have achieved a lot with limited resources. Still a lot remains to be done in order to keep the school moving and give to the children the best environment for their education.

The school and the children need all the possible support. For sending any contribution you can use this link:   Sending a contribution to the school

Click here of accessing the (in French) school website.

Link to the school’s Facebook page.

A big thank you to Sokphal, Benjamin, the children and the entire school team for their welcome and support.

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