I am right

Katharine Hepburn was asked during one of her very rare interview what made her so special and successful. She answered the fact that she was ALWAYS RIGHT. Always.
Everyone around her could be against her, she always was right. I have been shocked listening to that interview. I have realized how you have to just remember at every moment that you’re right against the entire world. Never give them even a little thing.
I had predicted years ago that Roger Federer would won at least 18 major tournaments. He got to 17 and stopped. All odds were against a new win. Today I have been proven right. I knew I was right. I am right. Always.
This has nothing to do directly with me, but is relevant.
These 2 last years have been challenging and I have been told by nearly everyone, especially my family that I had made a major mistake leaving my job back in 2014 and everything was my fault.
So I am again against (nearly) everyone. Against the fear everyone has and want ME to have. I should follow in the fear and stop doing whatever. I should stop living and just follow what everyone else does, without questioning, without expressing anything, without will. Well I am sorry: I am not everyone, I am ME. If anyone doesn’t like it I have just this to say: I do not care, I decide for ME. I am right.
Being right doesn’t make you any better, you’re just right. Confirmation may take years to come. In those years you still have to face criticism and hostility.
When I have left my job I knew I was doing the right thing. I still had to go through difficulties and hostilities and my family’s opposition and lack of support.
One takes a decision and one has to stand by that decision no matter what.
Allowing doubts and fear to dominate and take over, is a good way to crash against a wall.
I am not mad to anyone else than myself. I know better than to listen to opposing voices. Their intention may be good, but in the end they only create opposing energies.
From now on you’re supporting me or you’re out of the way. nothing in the middle.
And if you expect understanding from me, I’ll give you back the understanding I’ve received from you. In other words you’re screwed.
Creating opposing energies is equal to stand in the way of someone and try to stop them and prevent them from succeeding. You may say to them “I wish you well”, but when you add “though you shouldn’t have done that, you should have done it differently, you should…” That creates an opposition.
Supporting someone means wish them well no matter what.
One has to fight already against one’s fears and doubts, it’s already a fight against oneself. When others add their opposing energies it becomes overwhelming and can lead to defeats.
In the end though it still comes back to me, I have to decide whether that will stop me or not. It’s just my decision and my will.
This is more a warning to myself. This is directed to myself.
You know the way. Take it.

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