Supporting healing conscious music

My very good friend, brother, angel, being of light, guarding of love Paul Luftenegger is having a new kickstarter campaign for his new album of conscious and healing music. this time he will focus on creating conscious spiritual evolution meditation music.

I met Paul 3 years ago (though it feels like we have known each other forever) in London (UK) and did an interview of him introducing his album “Love expanding Love”. Since then I have been mainly listening to his music, reacting to his positive energy.

Why supporting Paul is important: the law of one states that service to other is equal to service to self, as we are one. It also says that we have to change our behavior and align ourselves to Love and Kindness and service to others. That is exactly what Paul does with his music and work. Positive cosmic energy to heal us, to share infinite love, to make love grow and as that happens, our planet and our lives grow and improve. This is the most important thing ever. Nothing else matter. Bringing love and positive energy in your life will simple make your life better. But it doesn’t stop there, because as we are all one, when you improve your life and live in love, we all experience it hence improving the live of the one, our collective consciousness.


I pray the One Creator, the Beings that guide us, in the name of positive action and love, in the name of the law of one, which establish our oneness in the infinite(s) oneness(es), the Gods that have illuminated and taught us, the energies of infinite Love, for bringing light and love and open the path for Paul and allow him and his work to shine and bring healing, peace and  Love to the hearts of the world and amplify that positive energy through the law of one, from one heart to the heart of our collective consciousness. Thank You.


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