Will we survive this? (what ever “this” may be)

Fear. This should be fear. Because fear is what you keep having. You fear climat change, you fear Trump, you fear going out of your house.

I read here and there that in 2050 or 2040 or 2070… all very dark depictions of what future will be like.

All of that is just worth… nothing.

We can not know what 2050 will be, because 2050 could be many things and will be all of those things. To put it clearly time doesn’t exist, so 2050 is not existing to begin with. Therefor expecting to be able to say what will happen on a certain year is just stupid. Yes I know, we still are summiting ourselves to the illusion of time.

But here is the thing: noting is going to happen. Gaia is not going to die, or our civilisation is not going to disappear. It’s funny how so many people come out daily with apocalyptic prediction, and none of those predictions ever happen. But people forget and keep going from apocalyptic view to apocalyptic thought.

The ozone hole

This is a topic really very interesting. Basically we should all be dead, burn by cosmic radiations. The hole in the ozone over the arctic regions was so big and expanding, as a chain reaction that could not be reverse… until it could. Really it disappeared.

So from an apocalyptic prediction of extinction to a they have forgotten. Yes people have forgotten all that was said and all that has happened.

They just have moved from one apocalyptic prediction of extinction (ozone hole) to a new apocalyptic prediction of extinction (climat). And they do not see it, they don’t see the irony, they don’t see the path.

They don’t see that as soon as they forgot about the ozone, the ozone crisis disappeared. It’s not the ozone hole that disappeared, it was never really there, it’s their believe that disappeared, and with it the entire crisis.

One thing that is funny for me is that the ozone hole was in a region where it shouldn’t have been, unless you accept that all the material causing it were all transported by the wind in the arctic regions, because those material were not used there but in Europe, Americas, Asia… So if the hole had to appear in any part of the world, it should have over one of those continents,… but well maybe, just maybe, the reason there was such a crisis is not material, but it comes from our collective consciousness: we are all one, all connected to the one, so that whatever happens in the collective affects all of us. But also: nothing can happen to our collective that hasn’t been agreed by the collective. It doesn’t matter how you individually act or react or how you agree or not: you have agreed to it as part of the collective, as being part of the all.

And the collective is my introduction to the big fear of the day: Mr Trump.

First thing first: Trump was elected as the choice of our collective and didn’t steal the election. That is not possible. The outcome of an election is not decided by how you vote, but by the collective all.

We have therefor to understand that his election has been possible because of our collective decision of having him as president of the United States, with all the consequences that it is having and will have.

Consequences: Change, dramatic change

Trump’s presidency is having dramatic change over the country and over the world. The institutions of the United States will probably not survive to his presidency as you know them. His actions in foreign affairs and the way he has acted with allies and enemies will have a lasting effect that is going to change how things work in international relationships.

Whether people voted for him or not, all of them have participated to this outcome and all of them have wanted it.

Not to forget: this is a timeline, a reality. But not in all realities there is a Trump president. What affects us in this reality is vibration, we attract this reality as a vibration or memory. But there are infinite vibrations out there, therefor infinite outcomes. In some realities Clinton won the presidency, in others there was neither one of them in the ballot, in others there wasn’t an election… All of those reality are as real and material as ours. An illusion. But all illusions are equal in their vibration.

Everything in the universe happens perfectly. Nothing can happen that hasn’t been agreed upon. Therefor nothing wrong can ever happen. All is alright.

This concept that everything being alright, that nothing wrong is coming to kill us, encounters resistance as the individual ego cannot understand the notion of it as it prefer fear as it has learnt fear.

And the idea of being killed is so ridiculous: we are for ever, we are infinite… no one can die. We simply change.

Change is the only constant in the universe, except for the first four laws (1. you exist 2. here and now is all you get 3. what you put out is what you get 4. the all is one and the one is all).

So climat is changing because change is the only constant in the universe. You are not the same from a moment to the next, why should climat?

To end my thoughts: enjoy the ride, you only have forever, and forever can not end soon, but stay forever.

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