Health care: How to make it universal

Don’t listen to excuses. The reason why there is opposition to universal healthcare is that some people hate themselves or do not love themselves. It has never been a question of money. Ever.

No one loving oneself would ever oppose universal healthcare.

Now we can go further and see that the opposition is coming from trauma related to this life or other lives (I do not use previous, because nothing can be previous or after: time doesn’t exist, it’s an illusion).

We have to allow ourselves to understand that we all have issues, traumatic experiences, from this life or other lives, that directly influence us in any given moment of our lives.

what is all of this about?

LOVE. Allow yourself to feel your pain, your trauma and at the same time allow yourself to love yourself exactly the way you are, all of you, the whole self, with all of the other selves living their lives inside of it, as you are. Share that love with yourself because you are one and never separated. And you are loved, even if you believe the contrary.

That love, that unconditional love for the whole of you, for the collective that you are, that we are, is all you need. And you do not really need to do anything. Be that love in the moment, in all the moments. That’s the magic, all the magic.

Nothing is going to happen because of it, but all will change.

Remember all is always about you. Never about anyone else. But as the law 4 tells us: we all are one, the individual being that you thing you are, is in reality part of a collectif, and that collectif (contrary to some lies) does allow you to experience individuality.

When you allow yourself to love You, change will happen and things you thought impossible to happen will start happening: simply because you allowed yourself to be that love of you that you ARE, because you are made of love and from love, the creator that you are and have always been, will manifest the love of you in your creation, meaning: what you put out is what you get, law 3. You put out love, you get love.

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