I am reading about all these people so focused on saving the planet and I am wondering, have they asked Gaia?

I do not feel them in connection with the planet at all, they do not consider Gaia as a living being, co-creator in our reality.

If, and I say IF, saving Gaia was really necessary, and again I say IF, how can you do it, if you ignore the planet, the being you want to save, if you do not consider the planet your equal co-creator.

But Gaia doesn’t need saving. We do not need saving either. We only need to love our selves.

Few people seem to realize that Gaia is not forced to host us, but that she’s willingly and knowingly our planet, our conscious co-creator. And she wants me to add: LOVINGLY.

Gaia LOVES Gaia, and Gaia loves all of us. Unconditionally.

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