Breakfast with Max with Nora Herold and the Pleiadians and The Faeries and Ursula

Nora Herold joins me for an interview… well it’s much more a chat, with the Pleiadians and the Faeries and Ursula and everyone else, as everyone is always there. We are always one, always We. We start with a surprise for Nora Birthday and continue discussing power/abuse of power, Nora’s involvement in Bernie’s campaign, we talk about outcomes not to be the focus of your actions, but to leave it open and Atlantis is very present in out talk with the Pleiadians joining in with their wisdom. I have no human words to express the joy I feel in sharing this interview with Nora. I will only represent it with LOVE, the love we’re all made of, the love that is unconditional. I am deeply touched and in love with this journey. Being able to share these moments with you Nora is a multidimensional blessing. Thank you. Not to mansion the Pleiadians and Ursula and the Faeries, that have actively participated in our chat (can you guess?)

F.O.A.L is mentioned as a way to transcend trauma: Feel – Observe – Accept – Love

To connect with Nora Herold you can join her on ther website:

With more news concerning future events like Telecast and Teleconference (next February 20., 2020)

You can also find Nora on here Facebook page: and do not miss her new series “Everything is a Spell” on her YouTube channel:

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