Breakfast with Max – rediscovery of my self worth

I come from a place where you do not dream. You get a job and stick to it because you can’t hope for better ever, this is what I was told all the time. I come from a place where I was told that what was happening to me didn’t matter, I was unimportant and grown ups had much more important things to do then be bother by me. At the same time I was bullied at school and had to face it alone. I come from a place of abuse, physical and mental. I say this things not because they are relevant anymore, but because they are relevant in explaining the following: all that trauma could have stopped me from living and doing anything with my life. I could have simply be complacent in my victimization and spend my life drinking and taking drugs and making the world responsible for all of that.
But I met Helmut and he has become the single most important person for me. With him by my side I was able to confront my traumas without being judged for it.
The main result of child abuse is lack of love, self love, self value. You look at yourself and just hate you.
Moment after moment I have been able to find a way to confront my fears and traumas, one by one, in natural timing. It has been at moments really tough.
But I have never stopped, never backed off.
So when I met my brother Ravivaddhana Monipong Sisowath, I struggled for a very long time to accept that someone like him, a Royal Highness of the most prestigious family, could accept me into his life. I couldn’t simply accept the natural course of life that put him and me on the same path.
When meeting with members of his family, I still was struggling accepting me in the room with them.
When I started working with Roxanne Swainhart and Sylvester and all the other beings she has channeled for me, I had no conscious realization of how deep those traumas where affecting me. I had no idea of natural timing and couldn’t yet realize the way creation works. But finally I got it: natural creation and natural timing: all happens exactly at the moment it has to happen, always on time, never before and never late. Following her made me also realize the concept of self worth, also meaning self love, the two are the same thing, as they talk to the same image we have of ourselves.
Full circle: do you think you’re worth what is happening to you? Yes, I do. Really? Yes, I do.
Why are you still surprised that this is happening to you? Why do you thing it’s extraordinary that this is happening to you? Do you think that what you’re worth, that what is happening to you because you create it, and because your higher/whole self is creating it, do you think that that happens out of worth and natural creation/timing because YOU’RE WORTH it, or do you think you’re not worth it and there for it’s “extraordinary” that that happens to you?
Tough question.
In my discussions with Nora Herold and the Pleiadians and the faeries, this question has come into the discussion many times. The reason you react this way, you feel this way, it’s that you do not feel worth of what is happening.
When Nora accepted my invitation to appear on Breakfast with Max, I was so intimidated and… lost. Nora told me: “when someone agrees to appear on your show and be interviewed by you, it’s because they want to. Don’t question it”. The Pleiadians highlighted “You don’t feel your worth, you’re questioning it”.

In the last 3 months I had the joy, passion, love, light, pleasure of having 3 of the most wonderful being in the universe (because this is my truth) accepting to appear and be interviewed for Breakfast with Max.
Ravivaddhana Monipong Sisowath, Roxanne Swainhart and Nora Herold.
3 persons that I admire over all and that I look as role models and are, each one in their way, making the difference in the world, shining their wonderful light.

Am I worth it?
As Nora has said in our interview, these questions related to our traumas come back regularly to us, as we get to higher vibrational states, as we move in this universe and continue on our paths. And each time we are able to transmute them quickly and more easily.

But am I worth it?
Yes, I am.

I am not a superhero. I am not special. I am as everyone else. I am your equal, I am a Creator being that is discovering himself, playing the game of separation. We are all in this together and all and each one of us is as precious as each one else. It doesn’t matter what happens. We are beings of love, created by love, for love, following a path of love leading to love.

I have chosen my path, I have chosen to meet these wonderful beings, because I am worth it. I have given myself this worth. My worth comes from inside of me and is expressed in my reality.

The more I discover me, the more I love me. Because I am worth it.
Sometimes I need a reminder and realize there’s still work to release some trauma.
And now it’s gone.

F.O.A.L is mentioned as a way to transcend trauma: Feel – Observe – Accept – Love

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